CHICKENMALLAS: more space and safety thanks to the plastic mesh for chickens

CHICKENMALLAS is the most economical and practical solution for fences.

Parakeet's cage with poultry netting

Parakeet’s cage made with CHICKENMALLAs poultry netting.

CHICKENMALLAS are very sturdy and durable plastic meshes that allow you to make fences to meet all your needs of protecting and dividing areas, in garden or patio.

Ideal for building hen houses and rabbit hutches, it adapts to all shapes and spaces.

The use of fences responds on the one hand to the need of protecting animals from predators. On the other hand they prevent animals from moving away. Finally, it is useful for hens or other domestic animals – turkeys, geese, ducks, dogs – not to enter garden or cultivated areas. It is used to protect plants, balconies, railings, gateways.

In order to divide spaces, a plastic net is sufficient, as in case of CHICKENMALLAS, because it is of excellent quality. Resistance characteristics are due to its unique manufacturing process utilizing virgin materials. In fact not all plastic meshes are the same. CHICKENMALLAS is characterized by a specially developed design so that they remain rigid and withstand the pressure of blows without bending. At the same time they are light and flexible, easy to transport, storable. In addition they can be cut with simple scissors facilitating the realization of enclosures of any dimension. In addition they do not tear and do not endanger the animals.

Raising free range chickens in the garden

Breeding hens in free range has many advantages for animals because they grow healthier. Hens that are free to move develop with normal behavior, without stress and without fear. Consequently, the hens enjoy greater welfare and their eggs are ecological. Adequate space and a safe and secure place to lay eggs should be made available.

Parakeets encaged with plastic mesh CHICKENMALLA

Parakeets encaged with plastic mesh CHICKENMALLA.

The CHICKENMALLAS meshes are ideal for delimiting the areas where they can be raised in freedom. In addition CHICKENMALLAS can be used to make walls, doors, chicken floors for all types of birds houses – pigeons, partridges, pheasants, etc.

Nowadays it is very common to decide to start a chicken coop for the self-production of eggs. An example of simple installation consists of a closed and covered chicken coop of approximately 4 square meters and a fenced pasture area of ​​about 200 square meters.

The hygiene of the poultry house is fundamental for the health of the animals and of the people

Unfortunately, very often the first and most common reaction to the idea of ​​a chicken coop is the thought of dirt and stench. This immediate mental association, however, is a sign that leads to the conclusion that there are too many poorly managed poultry houses and too many chickens living in environmental conditions that are detrimental to their well-being and health.

chickens walking by aside from chicken wire

Chickens protected against the wild with poultry netting.

Hens do not like dirt. It is as if they know that in unhealthy places increases the risk of contracting diseases (and, therefore, as an extreme consequence, death). Their instinct for survival actually pushes them to seek clean places. Consequently if they are forced to live in conditions of lack of hygiene, it increases their level of stress, causing a decrease of the immunological defenses. They are therefore more likely to get sick.

Who owns a chicken coop is obliged to keep it in the best hygienic conditions.

The key factor is the proper management of nocturnal and diurnal dejections. Night manure is equivalent to about 40% of the excreta per day. This accumulates in the area used exclusively as a night refuge. The debris in the day represents about 60% of the excreta per day: these will be distributed in all the remaining space available to the hens, both indoors – in the chicken coop (about 30%) and in the pasture area outside the henhouse (the other 30%). The correct management of day excrement is related to an adequate dimensioning of the movement spaces of the animals.


Main chickens diseases

Chickens may suffer of several diseases, some of them are caused by virus, other by bacteria. Most of them are transmitted through the excrementa of the animals. The physical debris of sick birds contaminates food, water and bed, thus infecting other healthy animals. Avian cholera for instance is a very contagious disease of chickens, turkeys and other birds and It is caused by a bacterium. Gumboro or bursitis disease is caused by a virus, it is very contagious and is transmitted by direct contact of birds, or their excrement.

CHICKENMALLAS reduces the risk of diseases. In fact this mesh does not rust, is washable, and is easy to disinfect so the excrement is easily removed.

CHICKENMALLAS: safe, practical and easy to move

The CHICKENMALLAS meshes offer maximum safety. They are easy to assemble and dismantle and can be moved as many times as required. Installation is very simple. Sticks of any material are required or you can fix the net to an existing structure. The sticks are planted all around the perimeter. Both the number of sticks and the distance to be placed depends on the area and the type of soil – if it is flat, if it is soft – and the type of climate – whether windy or not.

Dog enclosures with CHICKENMALLAS

stronger meshes againts dogs

Stronger meshes like deer fence works against dogs.

CHICKENMALLAS lends itself to create enclosures to be able to leave the dog free, but far from danger, at home and in the garden. The enclosures, unlike the cages, have the great advantage of giving the dog ample space in which it can move freely, so that it does not feel oppressed. Although even the fence may seem a limitation for our animal, we must bear in mind that it also has the important function of safeguarding the same animal, that sometimes, not being under our supervision, could get lost or suffer an accident.

CHICKENMALLAS is the economic and effective solution

Unlike traditional steel meshes, CHICKENMALLAS does not rust. It is equally tough and durable, with a much lower cost. Whether to delimit areas, or protect areas of the house, garden or orchard, to create cages or chicken coops, CHICKENMALLAS is the most economical and versatile solution.

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